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What Really IS Medical Transcription?

Very simply, medical transcription is the transcribing (typing) of doctor's reports from dictated audio files.  Each time a physician or other medical provider sees a patient, a record is kept -- the medical record. 

Insurance companies have now made typed notes mandatory, which means the need for medical transcription has nearly tripled in the last decade.  Add to that the baby boomers who are reaching their senior years, and you have a wonderful career opportunity and a bigger demand than there is supply for the correctly trained personnel to transcribe these records. 

What is even better is that with the invention of the Internet and encrypted e-mail, local transcription services can help doctors' offices and hospitals all around the country, and even around the world.  The best news is that they hire qualified individuals who work from their home to do this work for them. 

What does this mean for the work at home transcriptionist?  Quite a lot.  First, the work at home transcriptionist can forget about early morning traffic, or rush hour traffic on the way home.  They no longer have to put up with corporate America and can usually set their own hours for working.  Babysitters are a thing of the past when mothers are home to greet their children after school.  And tensions are eased when the paychecks are equal to (and many times more than!) the income she used to bring home.

But it's not all peaches and cream!  There are a number of factors that go into making this dream a reality.  Most importantly is the training you receive.  Do you go with the quick course that will have you working in only three months?  Or do you choose the longer course that takes a year to finish? 

From experience we've learned what works and what doesn't.  And what doesn't work is a cheap course such as those found in ads in the back of magazines.  The programs may look glamorous, but essentials are lacking -- essentials that may mean the difference between your success and your failure. 

What makes a medical transcriptionist qualified?

What most people don't realize is that the qualified medical transcriptionist is worth every dime she makes (and more!)   However it's not just the typing speed that decides your success -- it's far more.  Things like working SMARTER instead of HARDER.   Things like being trained in ALL aspects of the transcription business instead of just a few medical specialties.  Things like knowing your computer inside and out and knowing little tips and shortcuts that take the job from an average one to an extremely profitable one. 

Don't get us wrong -- we're not saying you are going to make big money your first year.  Maybe not even your second year.  But if you were to learn transcription and work at home, wouldn't you want to learn it from the very best?  Wouldn't you want your training to come from people who have successfully already DONE what you want to do?  What if those experienced individuals got together and created a program so thorough and so intense that you could cut months off your learning curve?  Wouldn't that be worth looking into?

Well that's exactly what has happened here.  In our FREE e-book (see link above) you'll get in-depth reports and stories from a number of successful transcriptionists around the country -- each one telling you what worked for them and the mistakes they made first starting out. 

What better way to make your decisions than by getting advice from the people who have been there before you?  People who have learned the ropes the hard way.  Now you can benefit from this knowledge! 

For a good example, if you wanted to learn oil painting, would you rather learn from your next door neighbor who dabbles in weekend art, or from a renowned artist who has many years of experience in both painting and the business of selling their painting?  This is how an investment in yourself at the beginning of your career can make the difference between you earning an average or below-average income and one that is well above-average.  The payoff over even just a few years (many times only a few months!) is well worth the difference in cost! 

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